Loose lips sink ships.

Wellllll, hello you gorgeous, creature, you. (;
My name's Morgan.
Birthday's 12/28/96 &
my heart's taken. <3 k.


When I was younger I used to be able to hear my heartbeat through my ear when I was leaning on things, except I thought it was a bomb that could explode at any time and kill me. Now that I’m older it has occurred to me that that’s exactly what a heart is. In reality, everyone is a ticking time bomb aren’t they?

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Spencer gave me life.

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I’m sorry, I couldn’t help making this.


see that girl you just called a bitch? she didn’t hear you say it louder

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kitten wiggles ears while eating

i don’t even care if i reblog this twice a day every single day for the rest of my life


this needed to be a gif.

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